We deal in products from categories such as:

  • school and office – pens, crayons, pencils, sharpeners, notebooks, rulers, pencil cases, backpacks, binders… fss-701fs-70632012032913452373499
  • toys and hobbies – stuffed animals, toys for boys, for girls, educational, blocks … pol_pl_-12051_1Buddy Bumper BallKSL330133
  • cosmetic accessories – sponges, brushes for makeup, brushes, bath ball… 3pcs-Lot-Make-up-Cosmetic-font-b-Makeup-b-font-font-b-Brushes-b-font-LiquidSofeel_high_quality_2014_best_makeup_travel.jpg_220x220Sofeel_wholesale_professional_cute_small_cosmetic_brush.jpg_220x220
  • all kinds of advertising products – USB memory, card holders, key rings, mugs advertising … 14USB memoryIMG_5970
  • costume jewellery – earrings, bracelets, necklaces … P08364R07917EY00663
  • bicycle accessories – lights, bells, saddles, tires, baskets … swiatelkoHQ-001SAM_0326
  • sports and entertainment – balls, mats, trampolines, dumbbells … 11244b0c-7f4e-447d-93d3-7635c1c54030racket3239319c-fbd5-49a4-b01c-434a0053847f
  • car accessories – compressors, first aid kits, warning triangles, tow rope… 04-707012720121116162541127
  • home appliances and electronics – pans, pots, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners… MINI FRY PANÊýÏÔĿ¼תÇú.cdrHF-8030A
  • home and office furnishing, outdoor furniture – rattan furniture, flower pots, floor panels … new model hanging chairb_2013928131491573dd0ce41-6f52-42b4-9a90-a2327b314a18
  • textiles, apparel – T-shirts, gloves, safety shoes… 213
  • ecological products – bags, stationery, packaging paper… 12221222222011101320053773499
  • electrical and electronics products – bulbs, LEDs, sound system, connectors… 36W LED lamppb_90s6124773363703732
  • building industry and garden tools – roofing, building ceramics, wood and wood-based materials… IMG_1818White Pebblesa
    and many, many more!